We are brothers and high school students trying to make a difference in the lives of our young friends in India, all who are very poor and all students at the Herald School in Hyderabad.  Following are the answers our most frequently asked question.....

  • We started helping our kids in 2006.
  • We have funded over 100 scholarships to date, for students age 5 through 16.
  • 100% of what we raise goes to tuition.
  • A child can attend school for one year for $120 US dollars.
  • Our kids have very supportive parents who greatly value education.
  • We have direct communication with the school's director, Father Francis Lazar.
  • Our India friend, Rathnakar, who lives here in Connecticut, is a valuable supporter who helps us with advice about the Indian culture, making things much easier.
  • Our sponsored kids are very capable and hard working.
  • We take any amount of donation. Every little bit counts!

How did we originally get involved with the Herald School in India?

It was a big coincidence! An Indian missionary came and spoke at our church when we were young kids. My parents gave a small donation. For years, a priest named Father Dinakaran, from that same missionary in India, wrote to our parents a few times a year, just sending good wishes. Years, later, when we were in middle school and just starting high school, we decided to write back to Father Dinakaran and eventually started emailing back and forth. We learned that he was a teacher at the Herald School, a missionary school for poor children. We wanted to help Father Dinakaran and the students at the school but didn't know how do make it happen. Looking for advice, we called Rathnakar, a businessman in our community, who was originally from India and now lived in Connecticut.  Shockingly, we learned that Rathnakar was actually from the same area of Hyderabad as the Herald School.  With over 800,000,000 people in India, and with one phone call, we actually found someone from Hyderabad who could help us with the the logistics of getting aid to a small missionary school in Inida. Even more amazing, not only was Rathnakar from Hyderabad just miles from our Herald School, but Rathnakar, himself, was one of those same really poor kids and, because of the generosity of others, had his tuition paid for allowing him to attend school and learn his way out of poverty.  Rathnakar helps us with communication and getting the tuition safely to the school. We thank Rathnakar for all his support!
Frank and Alex Navarro